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Dr. Spotfire Live Sessions

Date Aired Session Topics Recording
July 2024 What's new for Oil & Gas WATCH LIVE
Jun 2024 Authoring Session part 2: Data Wrangling https://youtu.be/sSe2eF3bIWA
May 2024 Authoring Session part 1 : Collaborative Discovery https://youtu.be/mpvJiTgjdMM
Apr 2024 Authoring for Mobile Devices https://youtu.be/G8ycdQWhSnY
Mar 2024 Spotfire Deployment Kit: Product Elasticity - part 3 https://youtu.be/inhqRbiZwO0
Feb 2024 Spotfire Deployment Kit: Product Openness - part 2 https://youtu.be/qAGvYcqUnLk
Jan 2024 Spotfire Deployment Kit: Introduction - part 1 https://youtu.be/ojrxahxXm_8
Dec 2023* Spotfire Copilot https://youtu.be/JEZGl7M00cc
Dec 2023 What is new In Spotfire 14.0 LTS https://youtu.be/-Czjtprp6wE
Nov 2023 Spotfire in Real World Applications http://youtu.be/PUxvZGlKiqc
Oct 2023 TAF23 and Hackathon Highlights http://youtu.be/9w8DuwbCuvg
Sep 2023 Going beyond Spotfire http://youtu.be/4xbw57_cCXg
Aug 2023 Spotfire Platform Part 3: Spotfire Performance and Optimization http://youtu.be/Hfrt9Z-YMjQ
July 2023 Spotfire Platform Part 2: Authentication and Authorization http://youtu.be/kgMIovv86Fs
Jun 2023 Spotfire Platform Part 1: Architecture and Data Access https://youtu.be/jQbLDHlZzJA
May 2023 Extending Spotfire with the SDK https://youtu.be/0PCscaDyBgc
Apr 2023 Advanced Styling with HTML in Spotfire https://youtu.be/fQ9_XMsiyn0
Mar 2023 Advanced Custom Expressions https://youtu.be/KTQEOKj46Nw
Feb 2023 Advanced Analytics Walkthrough https://youtu.be/gpnDUR_PQ00
Jan 2023 Intro to the JavaScript Component Hub https://youtu.be/GFJ2WdjC-0w
Dec 2022 Discussion: Advancing into Analytics https://youtu.be/svPcsULIVY8
Nov 2022 Natural Language Generation with Arria NLG https://youtu.be/9EsAjN7C49g
Oct 2022 Custom Visualization Showcase (Latest Spotfire Mods) https://youtu.be/TCk3OCQ0F3I
Sep 2022 Introduction to Spotfire Cloud Actions https://youtu.be/FHffOvIWtow
Aug 2022 Introduction to ModelOps with Spotfire https://youtu.be/19EqYUUnB4I
Jul 2022 Model Evaluation and Explainability https://youtu.be/RDd3vRbxU0w
Jun 2022 Uncommon Authoring Tricks for Spotfire https://youtu.be/UubwtU-aNB0
May 2022 Cobranding in TIBCO Spotfire 11 https://youtu.be/rUKGr0Uox10
Apr 2022 Big Data Tips for Spotfire https://youtu.be/fwQC-ONqHjE
Mar 2022 Writing back to Databases and Files with Jose Leviaguirre https://youtu.be/smZC-FtLXYQ
Feb 2022 Learning the OSI-PI Connector with Spotfire with Atheer Al-Attar https://youtu.be/8beYXF6_QUY
Jan 2022 Classify and Group Data using Machine Learning with Sweta Kotha and Jose Leviaguirre https://youtu.be/gbhQYVCUFMo
Dec 2021 Predict Outcomes using Regression Methods with Sweta Kotha and Jose Leviaguirre https://youtu.be/XE5LWa5a5-Y
Nov 2021 Exploratory Data Analysis Tips with Sweta Kotha and Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/7H30hyd7aQs
Oct 2021 Advanced IronPython and Javascript Tips with Neil Kanungo and Jose Leviaguirre https://youtu.be/D4vCAla5KtU
Sep 2021 Tensorflow Autoencoders for Anomaly Detection with Sweta Kotha, David Katz, and Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/Sv8I0c1NMuA
Aug 2021 Data Function Jam Session with Neil Kanungo and Colin Gray https://youtu.be/3Khf5El3vH8
Jul 2021 Open Office Hours with Neil Kanungo and Andrew Berridge https://youtu.be/SK1UIwu-1Q8
Jun 2021 Advanced Tips for Python and R Data Functions with Vaibhav Gegideri, Adam Faskowitz, and David Katz https://youtu.be/_19QC4YlCy4
May 2021 Enhancing Visual Perception in Spotfire by Michael O'Connell and Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/xDYSyBQwJhQ
Apr 2021 Electrifying Visual Style with Enertel's Jon Henderson https://youtu.be/z8NwHRTYnp0
Mar 2021 Spotfire Guidance for MS Excel Users by Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/UopAnouvVR8
Feb 2021 Mods 103: Going Beyond Custom Visualizations with Erik Brandin and Olof Bjerke https://youtu.be/gexpop2grIM
Jan 2021 Mods 102: Scripting Guidance for Custom Visualizations with Andrew Berridge https://youtu.be/467vdQ1NcLM
Dec 2020 Mods 101: The Basics of Custom Visualization with Andrew Berridge https://youtu.be/XmeEAIYsYOw
Nov 2020 Data Visualization Best Practices by Colin Gray https://youtu.be/-JPIY6qltxw
Oct 2020 Data Prep Tips and Tricks by Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/oLodQDAoRGk
Sep 2020 Data Science Apps with Python and Tensorflow by Colin Gray https://youtu.be/EDOIZACQmhw
Aug 2020 Options for Spotfire in the Cloud by Jayanth Nataraja https://youtu.be/rcwXzc6R1y0
Jul 2020 Python Data Functions (Part II) by Jagrata Minardi https://youtu.be/PKhAnoU4Phk
Jun 2020 Enhance Websites using Embedded Spotfire and Javascript by Neeraj Khatri https://youtu.be/dY4_aYd5uZM
May 2020 Setting up Information Links by Nawaz Ali Mohammad https://youtu.be/kNyMsSZvEuk
Apr 2020 Spatial Joins and Geoanalytics Tips by Neil Kanungo and Peter Shaw https://youtu.be/rh8OsgXSBFE
Mar 2020 Designing a User Experience with Dejan Zamurovic, Colin Gray, and Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/SzagjvCnvT0
Feb 2020 Streaming Visualization Tips & Tricks by Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/kQkgpZ0TREE
Jan 2020 Using Python in Spotfire X by Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/MXhO3yG6dUg
Dec 2019 Scaling Spotfire by Peter McKinnis https://youtu.be/8KDan5ynqMg
Nov 2019 Embedding Spotfire in Websites by Jagrata Minardi https://youtu.be/cg41YSCGvh0
Oct 2019 Machine Learning in Spotfire X with Azure and AWS by Colin Gray https://youtu.be/WZm0Hr4yzLg
Sep 2019 Automating Tasks in Spotfire X by Minerva Dutta https://youtu.be/NZLMfqwN6RE
Aug 2019 Creating Driving Routes and using JSON Data by Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/XXAQ7QKvcxc
Jul 2019 Improving Text Area Appearance with HTML and CSS by Julie Sebby https://youtu.be/xCvixiIDOe0
Jun 2019 Spotfire X Orientation and Enablement Resources by Ninad Sawe and Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/F29QPteCXr8
May 2019 Connect and Visually Analyze Streaming Data by Eddie Galvez and Ninad Sawe https://youtu.be/6KfB4AlYoCM
Apr 2019 Text Analytics and Machine Learning using Spotfire and TIBCO Data Science by Monica Cisneros https://youtu.be/5sN4hPfbwbw
Mar 2019 Taking Advantage of TERR (R) in Spotfire X by Robert Brushenko https://youtu.be/Je7QIUQ3TuM
Feb 2019 Spotfire X Natural Language Query and AI by Divya Kapoor https://youtu.be/q5NojIiQNJM
Jan 2019 Enhancing Spotfire Visualizations and Workflows with Images by Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/Kf5VjwU31PU
Dec 2018 Spotfire X Data Canvas by Sean Connors https://youtu.be/gwWP5cQjDD0
Nov 2018 Reliability Analysis: Estimating Part Lifetimes From Only a Few Failures by Peter Shaw https://youtu.be/Rps5Iy02ZfU
Oct 2018 Table of Contents in Text Areas with Bootstrap Templates by Minerva Dutta https://youtu.be/m9JlE61s28s
Sep 2018 Overview of Community Site by Nawaz Ali Mohammad, Anna Aprelenko https://youtu.be/cahhYOklbGQ
Aug 2018 Caching Spotfire by Kushboo Rabadia https://youtu.be/0HxncmOVeDU
Jul 2018 Custom Visualizations by Stu Blair and Minerva Dutta https://youtu.be/XA7a1uhbLlc
Jun 2018 Self-Organizing Maps by Peter Shaw https://youtu.be/l0KmRniP8hk
May 2018 QGIS & Custom Shapefiles in Spotfire by Neil Kanungo https://youtu.be/Oe_PZi42a_k
Apr 2018 What's New in Spotfire 7.12 by DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/qwEK9Q9qrZk
Mar 2018 From Dirty to Fabulous Dashboards by DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/6loeQUtxgo4
Feb 2018 Kerberos Authentication in Spotfire by Ninad Sawe https://youtu.be/_IYbKRU6RbI
Jan 2018 JSvis and D3.js in Spotfire by Andrew Berridge https://youtu.be/yPsonm_KJ7A
Dec 2017 What's New in Spotfire 7.11 by DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/dtZY-QMeZWw
Nov 2017 Additional Charts with JSViz and TERR by Dave Leigh https://youtu.be/eeUEchq2N6Y
Oct 2017 Effective Bar Charts by DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/fMcGE5S8rbo
Sep 2017 Using R Graphics in Spotfire by DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/7FhVIMzKr28
Sep 2017 Using OSI PI, Hierarchical Clustering, and Outlier Detection by Vishaka Mujoo, DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/jSFgTem2S_U
Aug 2017 AI-Driven Data Discovery with Attivio Data Catalog and Spotfire by Minerva Dutta https://youtu.be/Rd7MKYlKyRs
Aug 2017 Analyzing Customer Churn with TIBCO Statistica, Spotfire, and Streambase by Venkat Jagannath https://youtu.be/w1Jcj5GR7kc
Jul 2017 OEM Developer FAQ's by Minerva Dutta https://youtu.be/zSSZwCzRL8c
Jun 2017 Taking Advantage of Spotfire Support by Pavan Lingam https://youtu.be/G2jnRtM_AOM
May 2017 Office Hours Q&A for May 2017 by Vishaka Mujoo https://youtu.be/S8H1h_Xi8IM
May 2017 Co-branding in Spotfire for Advanced UI Customization by Sayali Patil https://youtu.be/ogbvsXbi-xw
Apr 2017 Value through Visualizations (Going Beyond Reporting) by DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/83_URTQexsg
Apr 2017 What's New in Spotfire 7.8 by Vishaka Mujoo https://youtu.be/T2xTx7KPV6M
Mar 2017 Using API Script Controls to Automate Shortcuts in Spotfire by Hector Martinez https://youtu.be/WjirL1THpb8
Mar 2017 Spotfire Geoanalytics with R scripting (TERR) by Peter Shaw https://youtu.be/W7dAb7fUJd4
Feb 2017 Using TERR Data Functions and Expression Functions by Vishaka Mujoo, DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/IMw4P3INThU
Feb 2017 Time Normalized Plots and Graph Databases by Vishaka Mujoo, DJ Rajdev https://youtu.be/h6pCUPM1CNQ
Jan 2017 Introduction to JSViz for Custom JS Visualizations by Andrew Berridge https://youtu.be/uw-O9yKDgcs
Nov 2016 Connecting to SAP HANA in Spotfire by Vishaka Mujoo https://youtu.be/gyxnIHswPHY
Oct 2016 Office Hours Q&A for Oct 2016 (Part 2) by Vishaka Mujoo https://youtu.be/iqeJcW0gaug
Oct 2016 Office Hours Q&A for Oct 2016 (Part 1) by Vishaka Mujoo https://youtu.be/o488_bXOL-c
Sep 2016 Office Hours Q&A for Sept 2016 by Vishaka Mujoo https://youtu.be/Wz-tKAcwKOQ
Aug 2016 Office Hours Q&A for Aug 2016 by Vishaka Mujoo https://youtu.be/hGKmTxVcjJ0
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