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Welcome to the new Spotfire community! Please see the sidebar announcement for more information on how to log in and get started! ×
  • Welcome to the new Spotfire community

    A quick guide on how to use the new Spotfire community. We are continuously updating as your questions come in!

    Welcome to the new Spotfire community!

    We've put together this article to answer FAQs and show you around the new site. We just recently migrated from the TIBCO Community, which used to showcase TIBCO, Spotfire, ibi, and Jaspersoft content. We're so excited to feature Spotfire content in our own community and hope you enjoy the new experience!

    Frequently asked questions

    How can I find content from the last community?

    If you have the direct link from the previous TIBCO community, you can change out "tibco" for "spotfire" and the link should redirect to the new Spotfire community! "communty.tibco.com/etc" to "community.spotfire.com/etc"

    How can I ask a new question?

    Click to "Forums" in the main navigation bar. Select the appropriate product category your question pertains to. Then click the large blue button "Start new topic" to ask a question in that category. While creating your question, toggle "Follow topic" on so you will be notified when your question is answered.

    Where can I find my old discussion posts?

    "Discussions" on the old community are now called "Forums." We migrated over all the Spotfire discussions and questions. If you're looking for TIBCO-related questions from the old community, please check out the new TIBCO Community, linked above.

    How can I get started with Spotfire products?

    We have two main resources you can check out! See the Training page on this community for a deep dive into Spotfire key capabilities. If you want a quick start, check out the Spotfire website.

    Where are the downloads? Where can I find Spotfire® Mods?

    The Exchange features all the Spotfire extensions such as Mods, Data Functions, Apps, and more.

    Why was my download blocked? Chrome is saying downloads are "dangerous"?

    We've noticed with the newest Google Chrome browser update that some Mods and downloads across the site are now registering as "dangerous" due to the fact they are zip files. You can read more from Google on how to adjust your "Safe Browser" settings. To access the download, you will need to access your full download history and click the button "keep dangerous file." With any site that offers downloads, your browser settings or company VPN may not allow pop-ups or downloads, so please check your computer security browser settings.

    What happened to my points from the TIBCO Community?

    We're still updating the site and have your points stored in our system. We will be redistributing them soon and will set up more gamification in the future.

    Why does my display name have numbers in it? Or say that my name is taken?

    If you have logged into previous communities with different emails, then there are duplicates. We can merge your older accounts into one account with all your information saved. Just reach out to us at community@spotfire.com with your name and the email you want to sign in with going forward. We will be going through and reducing duplicates as well.

    What if I have other questions about the new community?

    If you are having an issue with the Spotfire community, you can reach out to us at community@spotfire.com. Please note, we can only assist with issues on the Community site, not with Spotfire product issues. For support with your Spotfire products, please reach out to support@spotfire.com, or you can see if the community has a solution by posting a new topic in Forums.

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