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  • The Analytics Forum 2023 #TAF23

    This Article provides access to recordings and blogs covering content of The Analytics Forum, TAF 2023, Sep 19-21

    1. Summary

    The Analytics Forum (TAF) took place virtually from September 19-21, 2023, and it was a remarkable gathering of analytics professionals from around the globe. This premier digital event showcased the latest trends in visual analytics, data management, and data science, featuring insights from industry leaders and practical use cases from experts in the field. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in engaging sessions covering a wide range of topics, including:

    • Success stories from innovative companies across various industries, such as energy, manufacturing, life sciences, CPG, and healthcare.
    • Inspiring keynotes exploring the untapped potential of visual analytics, data science, and generative AI.
    • Breakout sessions on topics like Spotfire Mods, natural language processing, geoanalytics, anomaly detection, and more.
    • A comprehensive overview of the latest TIBCO capabilities in data visualization, business intelligence, data science, model operations, and cloud offerings.
    • The highly anticipated Spotfire Hackathon, where participants tackled a geospatial mapping challenge focused on "Mapping Food Deserts in the Houston Area."

    TAF 2023 once again proved to be a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and innovation, cementing its position as the leading visual analytics and data science event of the year.

    For those who missed the event or want to revisit some of the sessions, on-demand content is available, including keynote presentations, customer breakouts, Spotfire sessions, and highlights from the TAF 2023 playlist.

    Check out our Event Coverage blogs:

    TAF Day 1

    TAF Day 2

    2. Keynotes

    The New Spotfire Business Unit! Visual Analytics for Insight and Action

    Day1: TAF23, presented by Spotfire®, opens with an electrifying session covering hot topics and megatrends in visual analytics, artificial intelligence, and data science. Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer at Spotfire, shares his perspective on what’s now and what’s next for visual analytics. Tobias Lehtipalo, VP of Product Management at Spotfire, brings the spotlight to Cloud Software Group’s newest business unit with an overview of Spotfire’s history of innovation, and its new go-forward vision. And keynote speaker Jan Willem Tulp will inspire with a deep dive into his compelling visual analyses for Google, Scientific American, European Space Agency, World Economic Forum, and Nature—plus a practical discussion of his working environment, including Javascript, Jupyter, and Svelte.


    (“Visual Analytics for Insight and Action” with Michael O’Connell and Jan Willem Tulp)

    Presenters: Michael O'Connell - Chief Analytics Officer at Spotfire | Tobias Lehtipalo - VP, Product Management at Spotfire | Jan Willem Tulp - Founder & Data Experience Designer at TULP interactive

    View the full keynote here: https://youtu.be/JWHhPu-cEak?si=gbr0P4kN8QT0z961 

    New Frontiers in AI and Visual Analytics: Spotfire Showcase

    Day2: Spotfire leadership sets the stage for Day Two of The Analytics Forum with a recap of highlights from Day One. Attendees will hear from Matteo Masotti, Head of the Data Competence Center of Global Trading and Commodity Management at Enel, on the company’s innovations in sustainability. Matteo will be in conversation with Heleen Snelting, Director of Data Science at Spotfire. Niklas Amberntsson, Director of Product Management at Spotfire, will share the go-forward vision for Spotfire, and how you can help shape its future. You’ll also learn more about the Forum Hackathon, and the ways it will hone and show your Spotfire skills.


    (“New Frontiers in AI and Visual Analytics” with Heleen Snelting and Matteo Masotti)



    (“New Frontiers in AI and Visual Analytics” with Niklas Amberntsson)

    Presenters: Niklas Amberntsson - Director, Spotfire Product Management at Spotfire | Michael O'Connell - Chief Analytics Officer at Spotfire | Patty Lambert - Head of Marketing at Spotfire | Matteo Masotti - Head of Data Competence Center of Global Trading and Commodity Management at Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation | Heleen Snelting - Director, Data Science at Spotfire

    View the full keynote here: https://youtu.be/S5fnEI_N1b4?si=KImwHMlbLw9nNJUw 

    From Vision to Reality: Analytics for Insight and Action with Dr. Spotfire

    Day2: TAF23 closes with the path forward: transforming the promise of visual analytics into the power of actionable insights. In this lively conversation between Neil Kanungo, Data Science Manager at Spotfire (aka Dr. Spotfire), and Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer at Spotfire, you’ll learn how to turn vision into reality through best practices in visual analytics, how to identify the most valuable insights for your needs and organization, and ways to drive actions on those insights. Neil and Michael will provide tips, tricks, and real-world examples for moving from data to information and insight to action, all within the Spotfire experience. To get a peek at what you’ll learn, visit the Spotfire Demo Gallery and the AI on Demand Community site, and prepare to be transformed!


     (“Analytics for Insight and Action with Dr. Spotfire” with Michael O'Connell and Neil Kanungo)

    Presenters: Neil Kanungo - Spotfire Alumnus at Spotfire | Michael O'Connell - Chief Analytics Officer at Spotfire

    View the full keynote here: https://youtu.be/ViL24L-X2Rs?si=n6TilVpk8WJfIZAI 

    3. Spotfire Analytics

    Spotfire Analytics is a comprehensive insight platform for visualization, modeling, streaming, data management, and model ops. The following software was showcased at The Analytics Forum 2023:

    1. Spotfire Visual Analytics - The most comprehensive visual analytics platform on the market with built-in data wrangling, predictive modeling, and real-time analytics
    2. Spotfire Data Science - Collaborative advanced analytics platform, helping Data Scientists model, deploy, and scale AI/ML solutions across their organization
    3. Spotfire Streaming - Enterprise-grade, cloud-ready streaming analytics for quickly building real-time applications at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives
    4. TIBCO Data Virtualization - Enterprise data virtualization solution that federates access across multiple and varied data sources

    4. Customer Breakout Sessions

    Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation Remote Predictive Diagnostic Innovations

    Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation’s Remote Predictive Diagnostic (RPD) developed a monitoring and analysis platform to prevent potential gas turbine failure in Enel power plants worldwide. With Spotfire®, they monitor the health status of 56 gas turbines globally, analyzing, for example, occurrences of hot or cold spots on the turbines—resulting in increased availability and optimized O&M costs. Learn how the RPD team's newest innovation, Spotfire Replay, uses Spotfire and Streambase to record and review on-demand the main operating transients requiring in-depth analysis, allowing engineers to proactively investigate and better identify the causes of the failure.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/UN4rGVs_5Sw?si=RkdP_2bu4Jwtwi9H

    Presenters: Andrea Pica, Head of Global HGT Remote Predictive Diagnostic Center at Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation | Claudio La Grassa, Predictive Maintenance Engineer at Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation

    A Winning Approach to Spotfire: Tips and Tricks for Analytics Success

    In this presentation, Jonathan Henderson, Chief Analytics Officer at Enertel, shares his winning approach to Spotfire® software, focusing on Mods, Data Functions, Geoanalytics, and R. We will explore how these powerful capabilities can be used to elevate your analytics game and gain valuable insights from your data. But analytics is not just about the numbers—aesthetics also play a crucial role in the success of your Spotfire workflows. By incorporating design best practices, you can improve the look and feel of your dashboards and visualizations, making them more usable and effective. Join this session to learn how to create stunning visual analytics in Spotfire, and take your data analysis to the next level.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/esRZIDhvP_s?si=J-FGYRM1hOPh6P96

    Presenters: Jonathan Henderson, Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Enertel

    NUHS: Endeavour AI for Healthcare Analytics and Predictions

    The National University Health System (NUHS) in Singapore has implemented the Endeavour AI platform, incorporating various TIBCO technologies and Spotfire®, to improve its hospital operations and patient care. Endeavour AI has enabled real-time data processing and monitoring, as well as advanced analytics. NUHS has reported that the platform has been successful in predicting hospital bed availability up to two weeks in advance, and in improving patient outcomes using patient and administration data, such as length of stay and discharge patterns. In this session, you'll learn more about how Endeavour AI works to enable better outcomes.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/5kFa4scUBPA?si=JE6qvfL3y7Q7FRsT

    Presenters: Dr. Kee Yuan Ngiam, Group Chief Technology Officer at National University Health System (NUHS)

    Extending Spotfire: How O&G Operators and Finance Orgs Gain Reservoir Insights

    S&P Global has extended Spotfire® capabilities to help guide energy companies in critical decision-making processes in unconventional reservoirs. Its Analytics Explorer application, based on the Spotfire platform and using proprietary data connections and fit-for-purpose analytical workflows, helps O&G operators and finance companies around the globe make critical investment decisions in the energy sector. Attend this session to learn more about how Analytics Explorer helps subsurface professionals analyze and identify spacing trends for horizontally completed wells; visualize multi-stacked target formations; and finally create and automate drainage polygons for infill detection and localized volumetric calculations.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/CSJum8kvUB0?si=yAgUxppoxXQ4l4_F

    Presenters: Toby Burrough, Associate Director Product Management at S&P Global

    Self-Service Insights with Spotfire: Increased Adoption, More Wins for Customers

    Riteway Sales and Marketing is a data-driven food broker agency for retail outlets in the Southeast, covering a wide variety of food products and CPG (consumer packaged goods). By applying advanced self-service analytics, they help their customers reach consumers in a highly targeted, relational way. In this session, you’ll learn how Riteway enables its business users to access the power of data and analytics by utilizing Python scripting, Spotfire® Property Controls, Spotfire® Mods, and more.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/nUKTe6yPt2M?si=ZHJ5Xr0P7zfTWOiv  

    Presenters: Barry Rowan, Senior BI Developer at Riteway Sales and Marketing

    The Agricultural and Fisheries Data Authority Through Spotfire

    The Flemish Department of Agriculture and Fisheries provides farmers with data insights to support the success of their agribusinesses and shares access to key data with policymakers to help them develop the best public policies for Flanders’ agricultural efforts. In this session, you’ll see a demo of the Department’s public, embedded Spotfire® application that enables exploration, collaboration, and insights discovery for more than 50,000 farmers, fishers, researchers, and policymakers. Through this Spotfire application, they can investigate, make day-to-day business decisions based on current price data, and take action regarding types of livestock, farm acreage, and economic output. Learn what’s behind the adaptable user interface and see how they have deployed Spotfire Mods.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/kh42MlghWlY?si=xh8LgN1pEY4zi5-e

    Presenters: Jonathan Platteau, Policy Advisor Monitoring at Flemish Government, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Jan Jacobs, IT Department Head at Flemish Government, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

    5. Spotfire Breakout Sessions

    Spotfire Mods: Unique Visual Insights

    Spotfire® Mods empower you to develop new, impactful visualizations, extending the palette of visualizations available to all users. The Mods feature was first released with Spotfire 11; since then, users have benefited from an ever-increasing number of beautiful, highly-functional visualizations available through the Spotfire Community Exchange. In this session, you'll learn what mods are, how to benefit from using pre-built mods (including some newest Mods releases such as Violin Plot and SPLOM), and how you can develop your own Mods for unique use cases. We'll discuss examples of industry-specific and universally-applicable Spotfire Mods. Get ready to be inspired!

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/rB-p9fHFN6s?si=ihRcVYJioIQ6kZv7

    Presenters: Andrew Berridge, Spotfire, Senior Staff Data Scientist | Jose Leviaguirre, Spotfire, Senior Lead Data Scientist

    Spotfire Geoanalytics: Spatial Insights and Inference

    In this session, we will delve into the latest spatial data functions for Spotfire® software. We will explore how these new features can be used to analyze data, including advanced mapping capabilities, geocoding, and spatial filtering. Learn how to leverage these features to gain deeper insights and more informed decisions for your spatial analytics use cases.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/eEHtPFTjZg0?si=6AMNhjYEaozbDWei

    Presenters: Arnaud Varin, Spotfire, Senior Product Manager | Neil Kanungo, Spotfire, Spotfire Alumnus

    Introducing Spotfire AI Apps

    Many enterprises are making 2023 a transformational year by focusing on efficiency across all areas of their businesses. At the heart of these strategies, you will often find enterprises augmenting the skillsets of humans with artificial intelligence (AI). AI Apps achieve just that. We have developed several AI Apps that show how data and AI can improve specific functions in healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and more. In this session, you will see the art of the possible in action, as we showcase multiple Spotfire® AI Apps meeting challenges across various industries.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/1o-hM367ih0?si=ShQgoRseo8NmarYX

    Presenters: Ahmad Fattahi, Spotfire, Director, Data Science | Atheer Alattar, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist | Jingchuan Lin, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist | Danielle Topalsky, Spotfire, Spotfire Alumnus

    Spotfire Actions: From Insights to Impact

    Insights alone won’t lead to improvements—you need to take action. Spotfire® Cloud Actions enable business users and experts alike to turn analytics in Spotfire into actions on external systems. In this session, you will see examples of how a condition in Spotfire can automatically get sent as a notification through Slack or email, published in Apache Kafka, and more.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/ec9scYBrFcs?si=HbzpA_cSbTti5Mmw

    Presenters: Adam Faskowitz, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist | Marcelo Gallardo, Spotfire, Principal Solutions Architect

    Analytic Transparency: Creating Trust with Explainability and Model Monitoring

    Predictive models are increasingly used to make decisions that directly affect humans. Naturally, concerns about trust and reliability arise. In this session, we address these issues by demonstrating tools that we have developed for model-explainability and model-monitoring. We also show how our solutions have been implemented as functions in the new DSML Toolkit for Python that can be invoked from any Python environment.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/zUFttA2Xb8Y?si=vAPzPSqTrnI97OMN

    Presenters: Gaia Paolini, Spotfire, Senior Lead Data Scientist | Marcus Horbach, IBI, Lead Data Scientist

    Mastering Time Series Analytics with Spotfire

    Time series data appears in several critical areas for manufacturing, energy, transportation, logistics, finance, retail, and other industries. In this session, you'll learn how Spotfire® software can take raw time series data and easily perform preprocessing, reshaping, modeling, smoothing, and anomaly detection. Besides their intrinsic value, these capabilities facilitate some additional Spotfire-native features to be used with your data. Not only can these functions be used in Spotfire, they can also be utilized across different products where you are able to write Python code.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/9Quit-EPpk8?si=WEnPwayzS7glwo91

    Presenters: Ahmad Fattahi, Spotfire, Director, Data Science | Adam Faskowitz, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist

    What's Trending in Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been trending in the last year with releases of popular models and applications, including Large Language Models (LLMs). We'll cover how these advancements came about, and how we're using some cutting-edge, state-of-the-art NLP and LLM technology in our applications.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/in30fsnZ1Zs?si=aIeKtB7l2VOcz4Zc

    Presenters: Sweta Kotha, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist | Ahmad Fattahi, Spotfire, Director, Data Science

    Enterprise-Scale Data Science Lifecycle

    Spotfire® provides the ability to deploy production standard data science at scale, for any data volume. We will show the full data science lifecycle for AI-supported decision making, including data preparation, model building, optimization, evaluation, explainability, and techniques to deploy real-time models into production. The use cases are "Optimizing Yield in High Tech Manufacturing" and "Dynamic Pricing in Insurance." See how the latest features of Spotfire enable faster, smarter AI decisioning.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/qbXpk6Vdo6Y?si=lWwOLc_06rkA-wLQ

    Presenters: Julieta Diaz, Spotfire, Senior Data Scientist | Vaibhav Gedigeri, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist | Hugo Peters, TIBCO Software, Principal Product Manager

    Next Gen Industry Apps with Spotfire

    In this session, you will see three novel industry applications for Spotfire® software—showcasing Spotfire Mods, Spotfire data functions, and various data science techniques. The Pro Basketball Draft Analyzer will show you how to extract insights from a high-dimension data set, leading to smart and data-informed decisions. The Forecasting of Energy Consumption and Generation demo shows various statistical techniques for time series analysis and Dynamic Time Warping is illustrated with an application for the Oil and Gas industry.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/qZTd4XnNhuQ?si=P3BS8G7br850jfEn

    Presenters: Julieta Diaz, Spotfire, Senior Data Scientist | Atheer Alattar, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist | Vaibhav Gedigeri, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist

    Multivariate Anomaly Detection and Classification

    How can you automate the process of identifying uncommon events in your financial transactions, equipment health data, or energy consumption? The problem becomes especially tricky when the environment is multivariate and the data volume is large. What will you do if there are no ground truths or labeled incidents? In this session, you will learn how to use Spotfire® software to build models with various parameters and compare them visually. We emphasize a human-in-the-loop approach to enable various use cases and subject matter experts.

    View this session here: https://youtu.be/A2P3LDaKv1A?si=JjAn25A2E7W-We4O

    Presenters: David Katz, Spotfire, Principal Consultant | Tomáš Jurczyk, Spotfire, Lead Data Scientist

    6. Hackathon

    The Hackathon took place on the third and final day of this year’s TAF: Analytics for Insight and Action. #TAFHACK allowed participants to digitally connect and use advanced analytics and data visualization techniques in Spotfire to address real-world problems impacting us today.

    What was the 2023 #TAFHACK challenge? To use Spotfire® data visualization to provide a deeper understanding of the long-term impacts, causes, and research surrounding food deserts in Houston, Texas. The results are aimed at providing policymakers with actionable insights to mitigate the problem.

    The Hackathon Challenge


    With nearly 300 Hackathon sign-ups from around the world, we were extremely impressed with the creativity, insight, and talent showcased throughout this year’s #TAFHACK. Hackers attempted a 24-hour challenge to enable greater awareness of food deserts and to provide insight into how policymakers and public health officials can make data-driven decisions to help mitigate related health and nutritional issues in their communities.

    The work hackers completed during this challenge was graded by a panel of industry experts and data visionaries on the following four criteria: innovation, visual storytelling, functionality, and real-world impact.

    • Innovation: Does the dashboard demonstrate techniques that push the boundaries of data analysis and drive decision-making for food desert-related problems?
    • Visual Storytelling: Are the visualizations easy to understand and provide insights that are not immediately obvious from the data itself?
    • Functionality: How are the dashboard’s interactivity, user experience, ease of use, navigation, and performance of different interactive functions?
    • Real-world Impact: Will the ideas shown make a difference in the real world, target high-impact problems, and offer viable solutions?

    The Hackathon Winners


    Winning 1st place is a team composed of Lee Grant, Thomas Moore, and Luisa Porras. Panelist feedback on their dashboard included everything from “excellent storytelling” to “nailed the theme of this year’s TAF.” The team left a lasting impression with their detailed, yet clean, analytics and visualizations throughout their entire presentation. By answering all questions posed in the challenge directly and creating a dashboard with high functionality and visual storytelling, they positioned themselves as our overall winner. Check out their feature on our latest Dr. Spotfire live stream and our blog The Analytics Forum 2023 Hackathon Winners

    7. Keynote and Customer Speaker Bios

    Bryan McDowell, Sabata Energy Consultants, Founder and Managing Partner


    Bryan McDowell is a geologist/reservoir engineer specialized in integrating geologic and petroleum engineering datasets for multi-disciplinary assessments in oil & gas reservoirs. He was an engineering/geoscience technical advisor for asset development at Discovery Natural Resources before starting Sabata in 2020. Bryan received his B.Sc., Geology at Texas A&M University in 2010 and his M.Sc., Petroleum Engineering at Colorado School of Mines in 2018. He is finishing his Ph.D., Geology at Colorado School of Mines and has worked in the oilfield since 2011.

    Toby Burrough, S&P Global, Associate Director Product Management


    Toby Burrough is a Product Manager with S&P Global working on the development of Analytics Explorer: a desktop application that provides flexible and automated data science tools to upstream energy companies. He started his career working as a geologist for the Kingdom software in 2014 after graduating from the University of Houston with a Masters degree in Geology. In his current role as a Product Manager, he has specialized in the application of data science and machine learning into the energy industry and how analytics can offer a novel method to understanding data.

    Jonathan Henderson, Enertel, Co-Founder, Chief Analytics Officer


    Jonathan Henderson leads the development of QuantumCast, a Spotfire-based data analytics workflow designed for oil and gas. Mr. Henderson's experience in private equity, upstream oil & gas, and management consulting provides a unique perspective on how data analytics can solve difficult industry problems. He has presented at multiple industry conferences, covering a wide range of topics from data analytics to data visualization best practices. Proficient in several programming languages used in modern data science and engineering, Mr. Henderson and Enertel are helping revolutionize the way energy companies evaluate their assets and push the boundaries of what is visually possible within Spotfire.

    Jan Jacobs, Flemish Government, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, IT Department Head


     Jan Jacobs is a self-described “enthusiastic and very analytical real IT guy.” Since 2002, he’s worked for the Flemish Government, implementing shared European agricultural policies. Across a variety of different roles, he’s led in improving IT services and professionalizing operations. A recent project saw Jan helping to redesign their data and analytics strategy to foster more innovation, making the department the undisputed authority on Agriculture and Fisheries data.

    Claudio La Grassa, Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation, Predictive Maintenance Engineer


    Claudio La Grassa is part of the Remote Predictive Diagnostic (RPD) Center team at Enel. The team drives innovation that supports monitoring and first level diagnostic analysis to catch, in advance, potential failures in power plants. This fosters increased availability and reduced maintenance cost in Enel thermal and geothermal fleet power plants around the world.

    Matteo Masotti, Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation, Head of Data Competence Center of Global Trading and Commodity Management



    Matteo Masotti has a background in Physics and a passion for data science in the energy sector, He spent the past 15 years dedicating to leveraging data to drive innovation and efficiency in the industry. He has been working with leading energy companies, where he developed extensive expertise in applying advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques to solve complex problems in the sector. His experience spans various areas, including energy trading, demand forecasting, and optimization of energy portfolios. Currently, as Head of Data Competence Center at Enel Global Energy and Commodity Management, he leads a team of data scientists and data engineers, driving the development and implementation of data-driven solutions.

    Dr. Kee Yuan Ngiam, National University Health System (NUHS), Group Chief Technology Officer


    Dr. Kee Yuan Ngiam oversees technology deployment in Singapore’s western healthcare cluster. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at the National University Hospital where his focus is on artificial intelligence research and implementation in healthcare, as well as endocrine and metabolic surgery. He is also Head, Division of Biomedical Informatics at the NUS School of Medicine. He has certification training from the American Medical Informatics Association and has published in computing and medical journals on topics related to healthcare AI applications and technology.

    Andrea Pica, Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation, Head of Global HGT Remote Predictive Diagnostic Center


    Andrea Pica has more than ten years of experience in HSEQ and industrial risk management both at a national and an international level. He currently heads the Global Hydro, Geo and Thermal Remote Predictive Diagnostic Center for Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation. His commitment and entrepreneurial spirit help Enel lead in energy, sustainability, and innovation.

    Jonathan Platteau, Flemish Government, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Policy Advisor Monitoring


    Jonathan has built a 20-plus-year career with the Flemish Government, most recently as Policy Advisor for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. With advanced degrees in both business economics and engineering for applied biological sciences and agriculture, he is a leader in the use of data-driven insights for farmers and policymakers.

    Barry Rowan, Riteway Sales and Marketing, Senior BI Developer


    Barry Rowan has extensive experience as an innovative, pragmatic business intelligence and analytics developer. At Riteway Sales and Marketing, he has served as system administrator for Riteway's Spotfire environment, supporting and overseeing hundreds of users. He's led the development and design of a wide range of dashboards for end users, including those incorporating financial, syndicated, demographic, and geographical data. As part of his focus on enhancing user experience, he's developed customizations through JavaScript visualizations, Python scripting, and advanced expression-writing. In addition, Mr. Rowan was recognized at TIBCO NOW as part of the TIBCO Lighthouse Awards, for his contributions to the TIBCO League and Community, earning the title "TIBCO League Legend."

    Jan Willem Tulp, TULP interactive, Founder & Data Experience Designer


    Jan Willem is a scientist and dataviz expert. He merges an engineering background with an artistic sensibility to create compelling visual analyses that surface insights, inspire viewers, and help drive actions in a practical way.

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