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  • Spotfire Statistica® Quickstart Guide





    For an overview of Spotfire Statistica® capabilities, watch this video below:

    For a list of full Spotfire Statistica® use cases and capabilities, watch this playlist.

    Both Statistica Desktop and Server run on Windows. 

    1. See the installation guide to Install Statistica Desktop.
    2. See this tutorial and learn how to navigate the interface.
    3. See this tutorial and learn how to prep your data.
    4. See this tutorial and learn how to build your first model. 
    5. The Electronic Statistics Textbook is a great reference book for Statistica.

    For more information on how to get started, go to this page.

    Spotfire Statistica® Server provides a centralized location for your models and creates automated reports as pdf or Word files and send them easily by e-mail to the right places, versions control of your models, the clear web front end offers the possibility for external execution and viewing of your analyses and reports. Using the scheduler, these can also be planned precisely and can be executed by the server even in case of large amounts of data. In-database or in-lake processing are also possible.

    To install and configure Spotfire Statistica® Server, see the administrator page.

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