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  • Administering Spotfire Statistica®


    There are two kind of admins for Spotfire Statistica®: IT Admin and Site Admin

    • IT Admin - individuals who install Statistica (server) and create templates (workspaces for others to use), they manage a single analytics platform referring as "Analytic Center of Excellence" (CoE). These are IT employees who do no-code analytics plus a few employees can code R. They distribute and share analytics among the company locations across the world. They manage security and improve performance. 

    Spotfire Statistica® is a three tier architecture including client or presentation layer, web server and a metadata database store. It is recommended to install Spotfire Statistica® Server, Spotfire Statistica® Live Score Server and Spotfire Statistica® Monitoring and Alerting Server on different Windows servers in the production environment. For Development or staging environment, those servers can be installed on a single server. 

    Here is the highlight of installation steps: 

    1. Before you install the server, make sure you have all perquisites: Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server(Metadata Store)

    2. Configuration of Window Server and IIS

    3. Log in Application Server as Admin to install Statistics Server

    4. You will have choice to install the Statistics Server, Web Data Entry, Live Score and Monitoring and Alerting

    5. Install TIBCO Data Science - Statistica System(SDMS)

    6. Configure system option and Administrative Access Control

    7. Access WebStatistica 

    The deployment of Statistica Enterprise Server requires a detailed plan and some deep technical skills of three tiers architecture on Windows platform. This page has all necessary documentation for administering Spotfire Statistica®.

    • Site Admin - There are analytic leads at each site. They are trained on how to use the templates.  They work in the business unit doing no-code analytics. They take the template, modify it and publish it for Site Users.

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