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SPOTFIRE: THEN Keyword in expression

Smita Vinayak Gayakude

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This expression is probaly used in a visualization, right

UniqueCount(....) then [Value] / Sum([Value]) basically makes a count of unique values for every item on the X-axis and then devides this count by the sum of all unique counts. Like a normalization.

So let's say on the x axis you have A,B,C with unique counts of 2,3,1. Then it will devide everything by 6.

In the IF statement you check if the value/string in the column DocumentID is equal to "Not in VIM". The Trim function is just used to remove some useless spaces at the start or end of the string. (Some data can be messy...):

Trim(" trimmed ") -> "trimmed"

So if the condition is true you will make the unique count on the columnAccounting Document Number, if false on the columnDocument ID

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