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Moving Legend on Pie chart

Steven Smith 4

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The problem is we have a Pie chart where eachpie piecehasa very long text associated to it. If I place the legend either right of left I need 3x the size of chart just to fully read the text.

I would like to try and move the legend on a Pie chart to be below the Pie. Reviewing the different options I'm thinking this is probably best done with some JS script that will move the legend below the Pie. I would like to know if anyone has tried this or can give some suggestionson a JS script to do this.


My temporary solution is to copy the Legend as a picture/image and then put that image in a text box below the Pie Chart. The problem with this is if they change the text values used by the column in Pie (add additional Text Values) then I have to manually update the image.

I have also considered utilizing the Spotfire JS Framework to insert a custom chart (in this case PIE). The problem is my company has not turned on the JS Framework on Spotfire server and they are not planning on turnning it on. So this option isn't good for me.

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