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Shrunk bars in combination chart

Fabio Ruggeri

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Hi everyone,

I am using a combination chart to show the trend of KPIs for different companies. Company and KPI values are used to trellis by.

I use 'series by' a column, named type, in order to differentiate actual values from a different actual measurement,budget, actual YTD and budget YTD values.

With 'series by' I can control colors and line/bars: only budget values should be represented as line.

My problem is that setting 4 bar series, even though for some of them (e.g. actual YTD - budget YTD) there are no rows in the data table belonging to the value of the X-axis (e.g. for month Jan - Feb ...) Spotfire creates a space for these series and the result is that all bar series are very shrunk/tiny.

Is there a way to avoid this "NULL" space

Please consider that I need to use side-by-side bars to compare actual vs actual 2.

I attach a sample of dashboard where it is possible to see the problem.

I am using Spotfire 10.5.

Thanks a lot


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