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Coloring empty cells in a cross table

Andre Havenga

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Hi All,


I am a beginner in spotfire. I want to color the sum(Amount) field in my cross table. Specifically, when there are empty cells, the color is white, which I would like to change, i.e. I want to change the color of cells which are empty. I have already tried:

Navigate to Properties > Appearance > There should be an option whether to leave blank or custom text for empty cells. Choose blank, and then navigate to the Colors section, and try assigning the color of your choice to empty cells.

This did not work.

Any suggestions here

Thank you

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Sorry, my first suggestion does not work...


If you are familiar with data functions then wirte your own to create the cross table, for example with dplyr package using pivot_longer(). Then it's pretty simple to replace all NA's in the data frame with whatever value you want.

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I'm a bit confused as to what is not working for you. You should be able to choose the colors for blank cells in the Colors menu.

The appearance menuallows you to choose whether cells with no data are blank OR show custom text.

The colors menu allows you to change the color of empty or blank cells.

Am I missing the question

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