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Manually upgrade database from 10.3.8 to 10.10

Sean Flaherty 2

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We are currently running Spotfire 10.3.8 and would like to upgrade to the new 10.10.0 LTS.

We have an unusual configuration in that we host our Spotfireand web servers in docker containers on AWS ECS and ourdatabase is aSQL Server RDS instance. As such, when we deploy new versions of the spotfire software, we create new docker images to be hosted on AWS. There is no easy way to access these instances to run the upgrade tool and we do not keep the previous instance installed.

In this scenario, is there a way to manaully update our existingdatabase schema


Thank you and kind regards,

Sean Flaherty

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You do need to run the upgrade tool, but it doesn't have to be installed on a machine with an existing Spotfire Server installation. If there is no previous installation to retrieve information (such as database connection information) from you'll just need to provide that yourself. Also note that the upgrade tool can be run silently.


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