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the loading of a map with only 2 layers (image and shapefile) is very slow


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I have followed the video "Dr. Spotfire - QGIS & Shapefiles in Spotfire" about airport map

I used QGIS to create a shapefile. It contains rectangle polygons to represent the compartments (2*10) on a greenhouse plan. It's a basic image

In Spotfire, I create a map and add my greenhouse image as background layer then I add the shapefile as a Function layer

It works but each time I go to the vizualisation of my map, the loading of the map is very slow

I duplicate the vizualisation and load the shapefile as a layer of markers, and the loading is faster

Do you have any idea

The version of Spotfire Client is 10.3.3 LTS HF-015


I add the reporting

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Hi biogemma,


I can open the dxp file really quickly, but I'm using Spotfire 10.10. Also, the image for the greenhouse is missing, so I can't reproduce the same map visualization. I can only tell that both map charts are showing both quickly when jumping back from another page.


Now I can't see any data for the coolbox data table, as it is linked (and no stored data available). So, I have no idea if the loading is data related or that it is related to the Spotfire version you are currently using.


Is there a way to test this dashboard in a higher version on your end And is it possible to have some data in your dxp file


Kind regards,



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I tried a few things to see if I could determine why the table loads slowly as a Feature Layer but is fine as a Marker Layer, but I wasn't able to find an underlying cause. My guess is that it's due to the fact that you have the CRS set to 'None' in the map and Feature Layer, because when I tested a shapefile with default CRS settings I didn't see the lag time when redrawing the geometries. If you want to pursue this further I would recommend that you file a support ticket at https://support.tibco.com so that we can escalate this to the maps team to investigate.
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we are having the same issue, map layers not loading or taking excessive time to load since the upgrade to 10.10. The map layers are currently set as feature layers with the CRS as Wgs1984 4326. once loaded clicking anywhere on the dashboard causes the entire map to reload. if this is a known error will a fix be released, it is starting to impact on our usage.
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