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Spotfire Analyst is not launching, no error message

Carlos Flores

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Spotfire Analyst, regular desktop installed or portable versions, are not launching. Cursor just spins for 2 seconds and then nothing happens. There is no error message and no initial splash screen is displayed. Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, both 7.11.0 and 10.3.1 versions, same problem.
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Dear Carlos,

Try removing the Spotfire folders that you find in AppData and open Spotfire again. Usually, the path is similar to this one:C:Usersdboot-olAppDataLocalTIBCO (AppData is a hidden folder by the way).. You may need to restart your pc, if Spotfire still does not start (you then have to delete the AppData foder Spotfire content first, before the restart).

Kind regards,


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Try to perform the clean uninstallation as mentioned below and then install it again. If it is possible, try to install it in D drive (Any drive apart from C drive) and make sure there are no security applications running while installing.


Note: Please make a back up copy of all the files before deleting them.

1). Make sure all TIBCO Spotfire client products are uninstalled using the Control Panel.

2). Delete any remaining files in [install Directory]TIBCO.

Example: C:Program FilesTIBCO

3). Delete any remaining files in [install Directory]TIBCO example: C:Program Files (x86)TIBCO .

4). Delete any remaining files in C:Users\AppDataLocalTIBCO .

5). Delete any remaining shortcuts on the desktop to TIBCO Spotfire.

6). Delete any remaining start menu groups for TIBCO Spotfire.

7). Start regedit and delete TIBCO key (if present) in:


b). HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareWow6432Node


d). HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SoftwareWow6432Node

After performing the steps above, you will have a clean system without any references to the previous TIBCO Spotfire installed client installation.


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