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Spotfire high cpu on resume

Steve Piper 2

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Ive noticed that in recent versions of Spotfire if I suspend /hibernate my PC with Spotfire Analyst open, when the PC resumes, the Spotfire processes consume a very significant amount of CPU.This is not just a short term issue on restart but continues until I shutdown Spotfire. It seems to occur when using both Analyst and Spotfire Desktop

Have others noticed this too and is there anything that can be done to prevent this

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Hi Steve,

I have seen some strange behavior myself sometimes when setting my pc to Sleep. Not so much CPU related, but Spotfire that is hanging. My guess is that Spotfire analyst is still trying to ping the server, even when the pc is in sleep mode. And when the pc is back from hibernation/sleep mode, maybe it's catching up with allmissed server traffic, causing a spike in your CPU.

It could also be related to the network, but now I always close my Spotfire analyst before I suspend my pc. Since then, I don't have issues anymore. You may try this as well.

I'm not using the desktop version (though I have it installed), but as it works on its own, I don't think this is the culprit.

Kind regards,


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