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General Availability of TIBCO StreamBase 7.6.0

Krithika Balagurunathan

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We are pleased to announce the General Availability of TIBCO StreamBase 7.6.0.


TIBCO StreamBase is a high-performance system for rapidly building applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data.


The 7.6 release focuses on new features that improve big data integration, ease of use, testability, and large application abstraction and encapsulation.


Noteworthy Improvements include:


Big Data and Web Service-oriented Integration



New WebSocket Client Read and Write Adapters

Improved HDFS and JSON to Tuple Adapters

Flexible date and time parsing in JSON-related functions

Enhanced XML Schema import and conversion


List of available Big Data Adapters- Kafka, HDFS, HBase, Flume



Ease of Use and Increased Productivity for EventFlow Application Developers



Plugin operators and adapters may visually identify asynchronous processing

Query Table Delta Streams now appear on right side of Query Table component instead of on a visually separate input stream




EventFlow Language Expressiveness



User-defined functions now support multiple expressions and local @define variables

Aggregate operator may provide unique window id in result tuples

Aggregate operator can now create dimensions based on sub-fields

Metronome operator period may be controlled by a dynamic variable, providing runtime control of polling-style operations

Constants may be shared and propagated to all of a module's sub-modules

Module names may include constant values for more flexible parameterization of modules

Additional built-in functions for calculating analytics over lists and aggregations




EventFlow Application Testability



New TimeService API allows StreamBase Unit test to "mock" the local system time and thus create repeatable automated tests that depend on the passage of real time




Enterprise Readiness



New facility to define EventFlow schema from XML Schema definitions

Oracle Java 8 is fully supported





To download TIBCO StreamBase 7.6.0: https://edelivery.tibco.com/storefront/view-component-download.eppartNu...


For more detailed information about the Noteworthy Improvements in this release, please see https://docs.tibco.com/pub/streambase_cep/7.6.0/doc/html/dochome/notewor...

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This Answer post was migrated from a prior version of TIBCO Community that didn't have Wiki functionality, just discussion threads.

This answer to the Question is just here so that this Answer post doesn't appear as an unanswered question, which seems appropriate as there was no anticipated answer to this announcement post on the prior website.

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