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Percent Difference/Change in a Cross-tab

Steve Kinnon

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I have a basic cross-tab that summarizes call volume at our helpdesk. The Queue is on the vertical axis, Month of callon the horizontal axis (by Fiscal Year), summing the number of calls in the cell value. I would like toshow the % change between fiscal years, for each queue.

Queue 2014 2015

ABM 83,352 83,014

HCPS 118,910 106,199

OCSC 129,978 152,972

PWC 235,663 257,397

SMC 37,609 49,998

USOC 69,626 77,727

I figured an OVER stmt would be needed, however when I try something likeSum([Calls Offered]) / Sum([Calls Offered]) OVER (Previous([Axis.Columns]))) - 1 , or [Axis.Rows], Spotfire does not recognize the AXIS stmt.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Steve Kinnon

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