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What are the limitations of Search functionality in TIBCO Spotfire v10.3 WebPlayer

Prajna Acharya

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While working with Spotfire WebPlayer search(Find) option ,I encountered a problem, where Search functionality isn't finding the required search string in the Data Table visualization.


One complete report contains 8 dashboards and has around 400 columns and nearly 3lakh rows

The search opton on top of the page, when clicked and search string is entered searches values in only 3 data tables

If incase a value from 5th data table is entered then it stops searching and displays "No result seem to match your search"(as in attached image)message, even if the value is present in the data table

Hence I'm not able to search the required values from 4,5,6,7 and 8th data table


So need a clarification on what is the limitation of search functionality and why doesn't it search up values only present in the active visualization rather than searching in all data tables in the report


Need help in either finding a workaround for this or need to know if its the limitation in the feature

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