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How to return value from database

Egor Kasprov

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Do you have any ideas how value which was writeback from SF to database could be returned from data base again to Spotfire input field.

(No just any value, what is mechanism stay behind it)

If I need to make changes in this record

We writeback to DB with IronPython scripting assaining document properies.


Thank you,


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Hi David,

I would like to use value populated to database before. without any modifications in db.

I want to pick up for modification of the data (new status, new value).

My thoughts that it should be workflow like:

->highlight record you want to change (it happened in a table connected to SF)

-> once you choose the record, it appears in the input screen (input screen - text area where you enter all these values for the first time or another input screen only for data modification)

-> make required changes

-> re-write/update data to DB (with replacement initial record.)

Thank you,


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