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Get treemap selection

Marcio Souza

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Hi everyone!

I would like to show the treemap selection in a Label into a Text Area. I know that there are some IronPython scripts that are able to get treemap selections and save them to a Document Property.

I'm unable to find a way to run the script every time the user changes his selection on the treemap. Is there any practical way to do that or another way to achieve the above goal




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You can leverage the following knowledge base article to execute the Iron Python on marking selection:


In the IronPython script, you can write a script to retrieve the marking value in a document property. Refer to this wiki article:


To execute the IronPython on marking as mentioned above, it requires TSSS to execute the data function if you want to open the file in Web Player. You can follow another approach to execute the IronPython on marking selection as mentioned in the following wiki article:


The main goal of the above Custom DateTime Data Function for Spotfireis to enable the running of IronPython scripts on Analysis Open, Filter and Marking changes. The Custom DataTime Data Function allows one to trigger IronPython scripts without having to use a TERR/statistical Data Function for only that purpose.

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Thank you, Shashank!


I don't have both TSSS or R installed in the company server, so We cannot start the IronPython script based on value change to modify the Document Property value.


I was thinking in something that leverage on JS script.



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Hi, if I understand your question correctly. You have a tree map and when u select on it you want to see the marked or selected value in the text area

In the text area use a calculated value with the same calculation or cartegory used in the tree map. Select the marking used in tree map in the calculated value, limit data using marking section.


Hope this helps!


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