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What are the necessary steps to achieve images on visualization.

Jachi Nwokike

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1. Im working on a project that is focused on students at four different schools in Houston, Tx.which includeLee HS, Bellaire HS, Sharpstown HS and Westbury HS. My goal is to achieve both the school building itself and the mascot. What steps do I need to take.


2. I have twocolumns JuvenileCenterBeginDate and JuvenileCenterEndDate. Im trying to achieve the duration of time students spent in the JuvenileCenter. What calculated formula can I use to calculate this column

Im using 10.9 (Sportfire X)

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For 2nd question, you can use

DateDiff('day', [JuvenileCenterBeginDate],[JuvenileCenterEndDate])Valid arguments for Arg1 are:


'year' or 'yy' - The year.

'quarter' or 'qq' - The quarter.

'month' or 'mm' - The month.

'day' or 'dd' - The day.

'week' or 'wk' - The week.

'hour' or 'hh' - The hour.

'minute' or 'mi' - The minute.

'second' or 'ss' - The second.

'millisecond' or 'ms' - The millisecond.For your 1st question, can you elaborate on what exactly you are trying to achieve

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You need to have an image of your school mascot stored in the binary format in your data source which you can import into Spotfire. You can plot this as an image in table visualization but not in any other visualization. The other option you can try out is to use graphical tables and have separate icon for each school.
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