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Mark series of combination chart through ironpython

Fabio Ruggeri

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Hi everyone,

I have a combination chart with three series, two represented as lines and one as bars.

I have many trellis pages with the same structure.

I attach an example of dashboard.

I would like to see labels just on bars and on ONE of the two line series (Sum(Actual) in the attached example).

In the properties, I have set 'Show labels for' --> 'Marked rows'

Is there a way to mark a series of a combination chart with an ironpython script that can be run by clicking a button

The ideal result should be the one in the attached .png image, that I got by clicking on series that I saw in the legend.

If you have different ideas in order to get the same result without the use of ironpython, they are welcome :)

Thanks a lot


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I was able to find a solution.

I put all values (actual, budget and actual_by_year) in the same column and I added a column 'Category' with their respective labels. I used this last column to 'Series by'. I select the property 'Show labels for' --> 'Marked rows' and I wrote an ironpython scritp to mark all rows where Category is different from 'budget'. In this way all rows apart from budget one are marked and their labels appear on the screen.

I hope this could be useful for someone else.


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