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A 6 tiered "If" deep condition that looks for an initial match 3 times

Deborah Thibodeaux

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I have several dropdowns in a text area to give me data contingent on several matches. The "Try2" property has 3 things in theList (AB Less 1 Yr,AB Less 2Yrs,AB Less 3Yrs) . In the formula below it allows records from the length of time chosen in the dropdown.

My issue is the formula will run one scenario, Say [AB Less 1 Yr] and its arguments, but will not also look at the other options if either is chosen inthe dropdown. Is there a way to allow spotfire to run through all until it find the match to the years chosen


Code below:

If("[AB Less 1 Yr]"="${Try2}", If((Date([OCCURRENCE_DATE])>=[AB Less 1 Yr] and ([OCCURRENCE_DATE])=[AB Less 2 Yrs] and ([OCCURRENCE_DATE])=[AB Less 3 Yrs] and ([OCCURRENCE_DATE])

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