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"non existent version hash" (404) error when I try to download the JavaScriptAPI

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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Hello, I am trying to test Spotfire 10.8.1 with our web app (i.e. mashup) which was using 10.0.1 before. So I changed all of our URLs to be pointing to our the 10.8.1 Spotfire environment. However, when I do that, I get 302 followed by 404 errors in my browser console:

I have not changed anything else besides the URLs in our app. We are using that URL to request the API from the server - "https://my-domain.com/spotfire/wp/GetJavaScriptApi.ashxVersion=7.14"


Is there anything that I could be missing here

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That's what suspect from The JavaScript API is accessed by the following:TIBCO Spotfire Server 7.14 and later:<script src="https://spotfire-next.cloud.tibco.com/spotfire/js-api/loader.js"></script>

 The API version is specified in the createApplication call, see the "Open the Analysis" section below.  Or talk with your admins to ensure the file is even on the server. Can you go directly to the URL

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