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Connect S3 Bucket to Spotfire AWS instance.

Vijay Balakrishnan

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We are now evaluvating the SPotfire product and doing couple of POC.I have launced Spotfire from AWS market place and now it is running.Via spotfire analyst client i have connected the spotfire environment and configured MySql .My Database is configured in AWS RDS as an MySQL.I have installed SQL COnnector driver in my laptop.Post installation i have logged out and login again.Then i am able to connect RDS Database from Spotfire tool.

Now my question is i have my S3 bucket and i want to connect my S3 buket from spotfire tool.How to do this.Can you help me on the steps.

Inthe some of the links they are explaining about python connections.However it is not clear that how to go to that menu.Please help me on this.


for example




In the above link procedure the following steps are needed...



The following requirements must be met to enable running Python code from the data function extension:

1) Spotfire 7.13 (or 7.14) client and server

2) Latest copy of

a) SpotfirePS.DataFunctions.Python*.spk

b) SpotfirePS.DataFunctions.PythonForms.*.spk

3) A runtime python distribution (Preferred versions are 2.7.xx and 3.7.xx) installed in your local environment and the python executable file path listed in your PATH environment variable. By doing this, the Spotfire can automatically detect your python version and make use of the provided boilerplate python code.

4) The packages used in the python code must be manually installed in your Python environment before calling it in the user code.

5) The following packages Pandas, Numpy must be installed for the Python data function to work. Preferred Pandas version is Pandas 0.24.0 and above

6) Other preferred Data Science packages are Scipy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, NLTK.


In order to add the Custom Data Function to the client software, the above packages must be deployed to a Spotfire server and the client software is needed to log into the deployment area containing the .spks in order to be updated.(see the attached document).


However we are not allowed to download deployment kit and install.


What is the exact steps to resolve this issue.


All i need is ,i want to connect my S3 bucket and manipulate the data according to my use case via Spotfire.

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The following wiki article will provide some information about accessing S3,


This example wiki provided in the above article uses python data function to load data,



If you are using Spotfire 10.8 or later then no additional download is required for the PythonDataFunctions. But if you are on a earlier version then the link you shared is the right one, go to releases and download the custom extension. Then you will have to deploy the packages on to Spotfire Server

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