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complex kpi chart or something else

Grazia Palmisano

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Hi all,

do someone know how can I develop something like the example attached

I need to realize a "matrix" where on the row there are the value of a category fields and on the column thew kpi.

The number of value on rows is not fixed so I cal have value1, value2 ...value n x 4 kpi.

I'm thinking to kpi chart but kpi chart (1 kpi per value and each kpi chart with 4 kpi) require a lot of space but i don't know prior the number of kpi i need because the categoryhave the variable number of value.

Text area have the same issues.

Cross table can be the solution but my user don't like a simple table....

Someone can help me

Thank you so much

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One option would be to use Graphical table as it has better styling options, and on top of that you can create 4 details visualizations (KPI charts) referring to your 4 KPIs. So whichever value you select in the Graphical table, its corresponding required KPIs will be populated as shown below.



Or you can just use 4 KPIs chart in a similar way, limit itsdata using marking,and have an IronPython script which will mark all the data. You can refer to this wiki article for IronPython script.


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I immediately thought of the kpi chart but the problem is that it takes up too much space (on the same page there are other graphs) and there are not many settings to resize and streamline it. Are there advanced scripts to manage the graphics of the kpi chart  for example if the tile is a little long instead of having "..." is there a setting for the carriage return if the comparison kpi is absent is there any way to eliminate the empty space

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