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MongoDB to Spotfire 7.7

Srikant Mishra 2

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You can consider the following three approaches:

1. You can connect MongoDB with Spotfire using the generic ODBC connection which requires you to set a DSN first using the ODBC driver. Refer the following link:


2. If you connect to MongoDB from TIBCO Data Virtualization, you can publish it as a data source in TDV, and connect to that data source using JDBC from Spotfire (using the JDBC driver for TIBCO DV) or Spotfire Connector for TIBCO DV.

3. Another approach you can try is to use a JDBC connection (Information Link). I did find some users in the community leveraging a JDBC connection. However, there are some issues with refreshing the data source so you need to test it and see if it is viable for your use case:


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