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Cannot search on Information Designer

Hoang Son Nguyen

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Hello SOnn,

Do you have admin role or developer role

as per my knowledge if you have access permisition to data source in information designerthen only you are able to see the tables in data sourse...So you need permission... right click on any table and you have to use "create default information link" option to map the data from "data sourse" to "Elements Tab"....





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Hello Sonn,

As you mentioned that you are the one who created the data source you should be having the access permission to a respective folder already. Can you double-check if you are giving the right search expression Without search expression do you see any data sources

What is the version of Spotfire you see this issue

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Hi Naveen,


Thank a lot for your solution, after create the default information link now I can search from the Elements tab, bravo.


But what a pity we can do any search on the Data Sources tab because sometimes data source is very huge and it takes a lot of time to create the default information link. Could you give your advice on this case


Thank you!


Br//Son Nguyen

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Hi Varma,


Thank you for your comment. I'm using Tibco Spotfire 7.11 and I'm using Administrator account to create and maintain Data Sources. And yes, without search expression I can see tables in data sources.


For example if I want to search all column which start by "abc" so how do I input search expression


Br//Son Nguyen

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