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Is there any concept of environmental variables in Spotfire server while moving from DEV to PROD. Please help


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Hi All,

While moving reports from DEV to PROD, we have to manually change all embed links in reports. Suppose, devspotfireabcdef link in DEV will have to be changed manually to prdspotfireabcdef. So is there any way like environmental variable e.g. $home, so that devspotfire gets replaced to prdspotfire automatically when my link would be $homeabcdef.

Please let me know.

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Can you try to set the public address for prod and see if it helps to change the Library URL and Web Client URL of reports

1. On the Spotfire Server machine and openthe command prompt as administrator.

2. Navigate to path C:tibcotss10.X.Xtomcatspotfire-bin (use ..bin if the version is 10.2 or lower)

3. Execute the set-public-address command like:

config set-public-address -u "http://serveralias:port"4. Restart the Spotfire Server and Spotfire Analyst.

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