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How to avoid null values from the listbox document property.

Mahavir Gandhi

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I have requirement for write back function in spotfire, where user can write back the selected record in the database.

For this requirement i have created on demand IL, through which i am doing write back functionality. For this i have createdlistbox (single selection ) to select the record that need's to be updated in the data base. Selection made in the listbox is being passed to data base through On demand IL. This is working fine for all the columnsin single selected row, but we need to update only the particular column which has been selected in the listbox. To achive this i have created a deselect button, which will deselect the selection made in the listbox but when i am deselect the selection through python scrit its updating the listbox with null values. Also after refreshing the data the the column values is also getting updated with null values.i have attached the python code for same.

Can some one help me here.

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You can use two document properties instead of one for this setup.

1) Create one listbox property say abc which will have value selected by user

2) Create another listbox property say xyz which will trigger on demand data table refresh

3) Create iron python script to trigger on change of abc property i.e.

if(Document.Properties["abc"] != ''):


Now, whenever you click deselect button to remove all selections from abc listbox property it will not update xyz property hence on demand data table will not refresh

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