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Resizing a SpotfireControl in a text area (HTML mode)

Chris Kyriacou

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I haven't been able to crack this, even with the Developer Console (under Tools).


In the image above, you can see I have a dialog box written in HTML/CSS within a text area.

The issue is, I can't resize the checkbox filter. If I try to resize it using Edit Text Area, then Save my changes, all of my HTML and CSS elements will no longer work.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can lend a hand with this one!

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There are two ways to resize a listbox filter like this:


Width - edit the Text Area in HTML mode - click on the filter from the right hand panel, then format. Here you can specify in pixels the width

Height - this is slightly different as you can specify the size in items to show. Go to this filter either in the filter panel, or from the 'Data in analysis' panel (the 2nd icon on the left toolbar in version 10), then click on the funnel/filter icon beside the column your filter is created from to open the filter for that column.


Now in both ways to access the filter, if you right click on the filter and go to filter scheme properties option. In here you can specify a list size by altering the number of rows in filter option. This then adjusts the height of the filter in your Text Area.


I hope this is what you need and is useful



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