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Is there a way to apply Filter condition in Detail on Demand

Pawan Kumar 3

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Thanks for the response. Let me try to explain my Requirement:

I have 2 Data Set (A and B). Using Insert Row option I Inserted Rows from B into A and created a Cross Tab Visualization (7 Columns). I want to restrict DoD to show data only from Data Set A and not from B. Since we don't have Data Limiting option in DoD I was wondering if there is any workaround solution for this.

Please let me know if this helps you to understand the requirement. Thanks.

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What I would do since I don't think it is possible to only show details on demand from 1 source would be to hide all columns in the Details on Demand and also hide details on demand. I would then create a table as a child visualization of data set B. There isn't a way to set the Datatable properties of the Details on Demand, so it would probably be best to create a table, and hide the details on demand.
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