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Spotfire - Custom Gauge Not Responding to Input Value

Peter Finseth 2

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I'm trying to create a BASIC Custom Gauge. I'm following all the instructions on the site below, but I can not get the "Update Button" version nor the instant refresh to work. Is there a DXP or another example I can look at I am using Spotfire 10.3.

I have been using this as the guide:https://spotfired.blogspot.com/2014/06/custom-gage.html

I have attached a screenshot of the gauge. Just using an input box. Creating the label. Using the label's property control ID in the sample code.


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If you are facing issue retrieving value from spotfire control, you can this method:


Spotfire 10 onwards, jquery support has been removed sojquery would not run as is.

Below is the link for "How to include your own instances of jQuery and jQueryUI in Text Areas":


You can also use guage chart from jsviz:


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