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Multiple versions of Spotfire Professional on same machine

Surendra nath

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Can we install multiple versions of Spotfire Professional(Spotfire 7 and Spotfire X) on the same Windows instance currently i have installed Spotfire 7.11 and now i have to install Spotfire X on same machine. help me how to install two versions on same machine

Thank you in advance for the help

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What you should use then is the Spotfire Portable, which is the stand-alone/no-installation version - this will not interfer with your current installation.

When you go to download TIBCO Spotfire Analyst (which was previously named TIBCO Spotfire Professional) on the TIBCO Download (eDelivery) site, you'll find the portable among the downloads available under TIBCO Spotfire Analyst, e.g. for the latest 10.7 version, it's named TIB_sfire-analyst_10.7.0_portable_win.zip.


1. Download the Portable

2. Unzip it anywhere on your local machine

3. Among the files you just unzipped, run Spotfire.Dxp.exe

4. Connect to a TIBCO Spotfire Server (of the X-version you now want to use, with a Spotfire (client) deployment of the corresponding version that you should now be promoted to download).


Best Regards


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