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Is there a way to take use user input and then run the SQL query

Afsarr rr

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Requirment :


User give the inputs

Those inputs are as parameters to the Sql and it returns the records.

All records are to be taken as formatted pdf


Using TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.

Tried below methods.



using parameter . I used the sql with parameter directly in the sql.

For example. select name,depart,dobfrom employee where name =parameter i am getting error for this. i dont know if i am missing any step here.


Information Link

i tried creating information link but couldnt. please share how to create information link and then use input parameters


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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To have the data load on every change of the document property set the on demand setting "load automatically" with a check mark. See previous screenshots. Also the parameter is returned as a string , your column should be string also for this to work or would need to write the SQL to accommodate that the parameter is a string.
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Thanks a lot for your help.


one more doubt.


when connecting db using below method, data table properties - >type of data ->setting is disabled






Do you have any idea how to enable this setting when data type is IMPORTED and NOT EXTERNAL


Thanks again for your help



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