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spotfire ADS issues

Tom Tang 2

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hi there

there is rara information/materials about spotfire ADS(composite software studio), we are usually stuck if we have ADS sort of issues.

below are 2 issues if anyone could suggest

1) I am turning a sql server sql into an ADS view definition, in this sql as below there are 2 row_number() , ADS will give error saying row_number function is not natively supported, but if I remove the outside row_number and only keep inside one, it works fine.

srelect * from

(select ........row_number() over (partition by ...order by) rn1

from ( select ......row_number() over (partition by ...order by) rn2

from tableA

) a where a.rn1=1

) b where b.rn2=1


2) regarding ADS view caching, after the view migrated from dev environment, and setup caching schedule as dev, but it will not refresh automatically, checked the schedule is up and enabled, seems no issue for schedule details, not sure why it does not function as expected.

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