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Saving Data Source Credentials in Spotfire Cloud Analyst

Nicholas Krzewinski 2

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How can I save database login credentials to a DXP file so that they can be used in the web viewer or a shared .dxp file When I got to select "Yes, save credentials with the connection data source" under Data Source Settings, the option is always greyed out (see attached photo).

Is this a limitation of Spotfire Cloud

Does it have to do with the fact that the connection is embedded If so, how can I avoid embedding the connection so I can enable saving of credentials

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Thank you very much for your response. I figured it was due to being a cloud user; there are many unfortunate limitations to the cloud option. I will look into requesting an exception, I did not know that was possible!


Did you mean to say that it is enabled when the connection is set to Windows authentication Unfortunately, in this case, the database administrators are only granting me database credentials, so I am not able to set the connection up using active directory credentials.

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