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Marking.onChange (JavaScript API) method does not get triggered

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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I am trying to understand why the Marking.onChanged method does not get triggered. These are the steps that I go through after I add the code at the bottom to my page:

1. Open an analysis document on the WebPlayer

2. Mark some items on a scatter plot

3. Inspect the browser console

this.app.onOpened((document) => {

document.marking.onChanged("Marking", "Wells", ["wellID"], 10, (marking) => {

// that line below does not get triggered

console.log("Test key: " + marking.key);



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You need to have a function(array) as the call back.

this.app.onOpened((document) => {

document.marking.onChanged("Marking", "Wells", ["wellID"], 10, function(array){

console.log("Test key: " + arrary[0]);


});The documentation shows

function onChanged(markingName, dataTableName, dataColumnNames, maxRows, callback);with the callback being a function that returns an array.


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