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Applying filters in text box to visualization

Amy Smith

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I have a simple cross table on one tab and I have also added a text box with three filters. These filters do not seem connected to the cross table. How do I connect them so that the filters control what is in the cross table I prefer these filters to be in the text box versus the filter pannel, so I'm not sure if markings work here



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Hi Amy,

Filters added to textareas work in the same way as filters in the filter panel. One thing to check is that if you have multiple filter schemes, or multiple tables (perhaps with the same columns), is that the filter you picked to add to the textarea is matching exactly the data table and filter scheme the crosstable uses. You can edit the filter in the textarea and you can see what scheme and table it comes from. This is a mistake I made many times! :)

Also check your crosstable is still using a filter scheme (all these can be seen from the Data section of properties of the crosstable), as it is possible to tell a visualisation to ignore all filters.

I am like you, I prefer not to use the filter panel and always use textarea filters as they are more intuitive for users/myself, or I use the Data in Analysis toolbar in version 10.

Let me know if this helps.



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