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Try to find to Unique set of records for the Current Quater

Shamsundar Kulkarni

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Hi, I have the below scenario where the table has records as mentioned:

Record As-of-Date

1 A Jan 2019

2B Feb 2019

3C Jan 2019

4D Current Quater

5ACurrent Quater


Here A appears twice- once on previous date and once in current quater.

Out of this table, i just want to filterD as it appears only in the current quater and doesn't have any record previosly.


Please let me know if this is possible to do with Spotfire


thanks in advance,


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Hi Sham,


You could aways set up a barchart, including subsets (check the All Data box). Then set up your filtering and select the current quarter. You will then see both A & C values present. As you have added the All Data subset, you can see that value A has an overall rowcount of 2. You can now mark value D and proceed with your analysis.

The attached dxp gives you a visual presentation of the above.

kind regards,

David Boot-Olazabal

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