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If Syntax Error - While creating parameterized information link

Sandhya G

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I'm new to spotfire, Couldyouplease help with below mentioned issue

I followed the articlehttps://support.tibco.com/s/article/Tibco-KnowledgeArticle-Article-41635_ga=2.81309022.858270745.1573460206-1625605744.1555334302to create conditional parameterized info link.

I have two Parameters called first parameter SelParam = Only parts/All, When user passes "Only parts" the query related to part(second parameter) should execute and return the rows. If Selparam = "All", the else query should be executed.

But whenever I'm executing the query, I get synatx error at or near "IF".

IF SelParam= 'Only Parts'

SELECT s1."A" as "A1"

s1."B" ad "B1"

From Table1 Where s1.Part IN (PART)



s1."A" as "A1"

s1."B" ad "B1"

Where (Some conditions will flow)



As I can't give the original query. Above is the sample code.

The main idea behind doing this is the user wants to have a option to retrieve only parts related data or all the data. I'm ok to follow any other methods to accomplish.

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