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Unique Concatenate FILTERED rows from a data table into cross tab title

Brendan Law

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Using spotfire 7.8. I have a FILTERED data table (I'm using filters on the dataset)like below:


































I would like to create a title for a cross tab vasualization that utilizes the field "CstCtr" to provide a unique string concatenation of all values in the field. The end result title would be:

"ab.123, cd.123"

Is there any way to do this

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Perhaps someone on this forum has a nice expression or way of setting such a title.

If it is not possible to do it in a nice way, one can perhaps do it in a more involved way, by using R scripting (data functions). First, using data function 1, I would create a filtered data table containing the column you want to use (CstCtr), then add a regular calculated column in that intermediary table to get UniqueConcatenate() of that column, and finally, using data function 2, take the first value in that calculated column and put it in a document property which can be set as the title.

This involves two data functions, and thus may be a bit more involved than you were looking for. But it does seem to work. (Tried in Spotfire 7.14.)

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