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Spotfire Analysist 7 opens when Analysist 10 should

Luke George

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Hi there,

I had Spotfire Analysist 7 installed on my PC and was logging into a particular server each time. I now have Spotfire Analysist 10 installed and have access to a new server. When I open Analysist 10, even though I'm now logging into the new server, it reverts to actually load Analysist 7, and then I cant open any files in the library since they we're saved in Analysist 10.

How can I actually open Spotfire Analysist 10

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You should try uninstalling Spotfire 7 to see if that fixes this issue. If not, try these steps:


Step 1: Deleting the 'user-settings.config' file

- Close all Spotfire applications

- Locate the file user-settings.config from the location "C:Users[username]AppDataLocalTIBCOSpotfire DesktopX.XSettings

o Note: This location may be different based on how the Spotfire is installed at your location & Operating System

- Locate and delete the file user-settings.config

- Restart the Spotfire application and check if this resolves the problem

Step 2: Follow this step only if Step-1 fails:

- Exit all Spotfire application.

- Please make a copy of the Settings folder then delete the complete 'Settings' folder

- Relaunch Spotfire and check if the problem still persists.

Note: Please check "View Hidden files and folder" option in windows explorer if you are not able to view the "AppData" folder

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