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Information link Individual Permission

Oliver Drummond

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I'm creating a new user to have access to a new dashboard but I don't want it to browse or access the information links that I have on my Information Links folder.

Is it possible to set a permission for the user to only access the information links but not the parent folders Something similar to what Google Drive does if you just share a couple of files inside a folder.

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Hello Oliver,

I don't think it as a viable option in Spotfire.

Here is the Spotfire documentation note which explains the same.




By default, a subfolder inherits the permissions of its parent folder. This holds true for entire chains of subfolders in the library. However, if you have Full Control of a folder, you can edit the permissions for it and specify the exact permissions that you want it to have. When explicit permissions are set for a folder, the inheritance from the parent folder (or any folder higher up in the hierarchy) is completely severed.

It is important to note that for a user to be able to browse the contents of a folder, he must also have Browse + Access permission for the parent folder, and its parent folder, and so on all the way to the top level of the library. If the Browse + Access permission is removed for a folder in the hierarchy, the user cannot browse to any folders further down that folder structure regardless of the permissions set for such folders.


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