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Vertical Line for max value in line chart

Aditya Singh 3

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Vertical line can be created when column used in X-Axis is numerical and Axis Mode of X-axis shows continous.

Vertical line drawn from lines & curves will create vertical line based on max value on X-axis similar to Horizontal line which shows max value for Y-axis.

But your requirement is to draw vertical line on max value of Y-axis which is not possible with the out of box functionality. You can raise this idea in ideas Portal:


One workaround could be to have data function which updates a document property with value on X-axis where Y-Axis value is max.

Create data function in such a way that it responds to your filter as well.

Once document property is updated with that value say 6%. Then just use Vertical Line > Straight Line > Custom Expression >${test1}

Suppose test1 is int document property updated with that value

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