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Text area HTML auto-formatting when modifying text area in spotfire. Brakes my js code

Francesco Guagliardo

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I've written some custom HTML for a text area to include a radio button, which I then chekc on click with a javascript. This is the HTMLcode:





And this is the JS:

var rd1 = document.getElementById("f1");

var rd2 = document.getElementById("f2");

var rd3 = document.getElementById("f3");

rd1.onclick = function() {handler()};

rd2.onclick = function() {handler()};

rd3.onclick = function() {handler()};Everything works fine, until I modidify the text area again through the GUIand my HTML gets reformatted by removing the double quotes to the radio buttonnames, ids and values. This brakes my JS code. Any suggestion on how to stop this

This is how it gets reformatted:

All Single Reconcilied multipleThanks

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