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AD integration in Spotfire Server... Please help


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Hi Guys,

I am new to Admin part, So need your quick help...

We are planning to change user directory from one domain to another.

For example, we were having domain of abc.com, and now we are planning to change to xyz.com. All the policies and user/groups of abc.com are configured in xyz.com, I just need to change in Spotfire Server. So, please help me with steps how to change this and is there anything else I need to change (like Domain) or keep it in mind for impact analysis.

Thanks in advance.

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Open the "uiconfig" located under "tss7.11.0tomcatbin" andopen the current LDAP configuration. Replace the LDAP server URL by clicking "Lookup". Add the context names by clicking "Browse". Once the changes are made, click "Test connection" button. If it says "ok", save the configuration to the database by giving it a name. Restart the Spotfire server service.

Check the screenshot for reference.

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Hi Prashant, 


Thank you so much for your answer. 


I have one question on current User and Groups, is there any impact on them 


Do I need to recreate users/groups again and give them access on folders 


or is there any other impact  like I want to know post Unit Testing steps. 


Please let me know





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