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TIBCO StreamBase CEP 7.4.1 is now GA

Manoj Chaurasia

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TIBCO StreamBase® CEP 7.4.1 is now GA and available from the TIBCO customer download site,download.tibco.com.

Please review the product's New and Noteworthy listing atdocs.tibco.comfor full product information.

Highlights of the release include the following new features and enhancements:

Product Enhancement: Specify Time Zones

Description: StreamBase functions that will return a time now take an argument that allows you to specify a time zone.

Product Enhancement: Improvements to Feed Simulations

Description: The StreamBase Feed Simulation lets you send test data to a running EventFlow application. Upgrades

to Feed Simulation include:


An improved custom reader option lets you specify a fully qualifiedclass name. This change allows you to easily find the name of theEclipse plug-in you are using.

Data files for feed simulations can now occupy a different folder thanthe feed simulation itself, enabling simulations in different projectsto share data sources.

In feed simulations that read from data files, you can now specify"None" when mapping columns to fields rather than having to choose acolumn.

You can use Eclipse internal links to specify data files.



New standard product adapter: TIBCO StreamBase Adapter for Twitter

You can now send and receive tweets from StreamBase applications. The TIBCO StreamBase Twitter adapters enable a StreamBase application to interact with the Twitter.

New product samplesfor data type coercion, setting debugger breakpoints,

and JDBC data sources improve product usability.

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