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Calculated column

J Dulan

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Using a list of 2 digit numbers in a single column of data, how can you create a new column of data whereby the Total Count of one number (ex: 33)is reduced by a specific percentage ( ex. 15%) The new column will need to include the reduced number (of 33's) all the other numbers from the original column for further calculations.
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The original data is one single column -  a list of thousands of random  2 digit numbers between  20 - 70.   


In that orgiinal list maybe there are 400 total count for the number 33. 


I want to reduce the total count of the '33's' by 15% and show the total count in the new column  - hear meaning the new column total count for '33' would be 340 along with the rest of the numbers from the orginal list for further calculations. 


 still need the tabluar file to help   

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