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Dynamic URL triggered by Ironpython script in Web Player

Stuart Wise

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Hi All,

I am hoping that there is a new way around this issue as all previous searches seem to think at the time it could not be done but all were several years old.

I have a trigger event that dynamically grabs some information from Document Properties in a dashboard and writes a configuration block to attach to a URL.

import System

import webbrowser


DateName = Document.Properties["ControlDate"]

DateSelect = Document.Properties["ControlDate"].ToString('dd/MM/yyyy');

DepotSelect = Document.Properties["ControlDepot"]

CodedDate = DateSelect.replace("/", "%2F")


url = '**Web Address and configurationBlock=**'

Coding = 'SetFilter(tableName%20%3D%20%22REPORTING_DROP%22%2C%20columnName%20%3D%20%22Week%20Ending%22%2C%20values%20%3D%20%22' + CodedDate + '%22)%3B'

Coding2 = 'SetFilter(tableName%20%3D%20%22REPORTING_DROP%22%2C%20columnName%20%3D%20%22Depot%20Name%22%2C%20values%20%3D%20%22' + DepotSelect + '%22)%3B'

Coding3 = 'SetPage(pageIndex%20%3D%201)%3B%20'


FindAddress = url+Coding+Coding2+Coding3




Now this works very well when using the Desktop Client but fails when being used in the Web Player.

Is there a different way to use IronPython to beable to go to a URL in WebPlayerOr is there a Javascript equivilent of this that can work


Thanks for any assistance


Kind Regards,


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Using 'forms' from the system requests the OS top open a window.

In case of WP the python script is running on the WebPlayer/server and python is asking the server OS to open a window on the server (this is not allowed).

Unfortunatley there is no way for Spotfire to open a new tab in your browser and show the help.

A work around would be to add the link to the analysis in a text area instead so that the users

can click on it and browse, although this will add a manual step.

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