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Fastest way of getting multiple value from table into python

Nikita Belooussov

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I am currently using

tCursors=tuple(cursors) for row in myTable.GetRows(tCursors): for i in range(0,len(cursors)): curValue=cursors.CurrentValue

to get values from a data table in spotfire. The tuple contains the cursors for all of the columns that I am interested in. Is there a faster way to obtain multiple values from the data table, possibly loading them into an array, or loading the entire data table into a 2d array

Sorry that this is vague, I am just not sure what options I have to get the data from the spotfire table into python in a format that can be used. Thank you

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This would depend on what you are trying to achieve with the values. Currvalue will have only one value at a time. if you are looking for specific value, you can use getdistinctrows instead of getrows followed by if clause or concatenate all the column values in a calculated column and read values from calculated column then you will not need two for loops.
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