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Spotfire PDF export problem


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Hi Guys,

I have a requirement from client, where they want PDF(HTML Table design) according to filter of a column lets say Tag_List that has 5000 unique values.

So, Spotfire has the page limit of 100(i.e. 100 Tag list).

Is there any way to handle this situation, as Client want details of each Tag list.


Approach already taken -

1. Creating dropdown of Tag_List unique column for Client to download, that needs ironPython coding, but I have to create 5000 bookmarks, does not seem right to me.

2. Grouping 100 Tag_List(as max page limit is 100) in new calculated columns, now problem is i have to create 5000/100 = 50 prepared reports

Please let me know is there any way to finetune above approach or any new approach shall I consider.



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